Valencia will also aspire to host the ACB final phase

The Valencia Basket will study the possibility of hosting the final section of the Endesa League in the event that it finally resumes after the break due to the health crisis, when the requirements that arise from the ACB are known, something that has not yet occurred.

“Valencia has not applied for anything because the ACB has not shown the necessary requirements to see if we can or cannot. When it is, we will study it. We have facilities that invite everyone to think that it could be a suitable place, “he explained at a press conference. José Puentes, director of club operations.

Bridges is responsible for L’Alqueria del Basket, a macro installation inaugurated two years ago next to the Fonteta pavilion, which has nine indoor courts and which could host, together with the Fonteta, that final tournament of twelve teams that the ACB has designed in case the league can finally resume.

“We do not want to generate expectations because the requirements of the ACB are going to do it. They need to finish tuning them after the Health recommendations. When we have the photo we will make the appropriate decision ”, he added.

The CEO, Paco Raga, He said that most of the teams thought the system planned to end the competition well.

According to the Euroleague, Bridges He explained that the organization is “looking for a thousand formulas to end it, being clear that the first thing is health and the difficulty that each country has a rhythm.”

Bridges He noted that they have not yet been told if they can play the tournament again next season. “They have not transmitted anything to us,” he explained. Bridges, who also said that there is still no decision made on whether to end the Women’s League and the Eurocup who plays the team Ruben Burgos.

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