Valencia, firm in its intention to finish the new Mestalla

The Valencia will study in the coming days if it presents allegations against the decision of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy not to accept your request to extend the terms of the Strategic Territorial Action (ATE) that was granted for the construction of the new Mestalla, but maintains its intention to finish the stadium.

According to Efe, sources from the club recently pointed out that they will study in depth the document with which their request is rejected and that, in any case, the idea of ​​the entity is to continue with a joint work with the administrations to find a solution to a common problem.

In addition, the entity recalls that it already provided the necessary amounts in its day to face an eventual decline in the ATE, something that on the other hand Economy does not contemplate now since it ends in 2025, although it does admit the option of the club being sanctioned for its responsibility as a promoter for the delays.

From the Valencia reiterate that the decision on ATE It is limited to a possible economic damage, the real impact of which would be less than the initial estimate because so would the benefit from the current urban crisis, that the club is prepared to face it and that has no other implications, not even on the club’s property.

The entity regrets and says it is disappointed with the political climate that has been generated in recent days around the ATE and warns that it is not the best way to find the solution, among other things because it can hinder investments both to finish the new stadium and for the project of the plots of the current one.