Valencia feast on Yeclano (1-4)

He Valencia, current champion of the Cup del Rey, agreed this Thursday to the round of 32 of the tournament after winning 1-4 at Yeclano Deportivo, from Segunda B, in a match in which the visitors parked their LaLiga Santander penalties to prevail with authority with goals from Kang-in Lee, Uros Racic, Rubén Sobrino and Thierry Correia.

On a cold afternoon with the threat of snow, those of Javi Gracia, with the majority of regular substitutes, went for the victory from the beginning and went ahead in their first dangerous approach to the opposite area.

Kang-in Lee, in an action in which Gianni Cassaro had cleared Gonçalo Guedes’ shot, made it 0-1, and the second goal came just two minutes later with a distant shot from Racic that ended the ball entering the local frame by under Gianni.

In the blink of an eye, Valencia seemed to leave the crash almost sentenced and was not satisfied with what was done at the start.

Not in vain, Rubén Nephew, topping off; and Toni Lato, who was interposed by Ayoze Placeres, were also able to score in the opening half hour, in which the overwhelmed Yeclano responded with a good kick to the crossbar by Alberto Oca from the edge of the area after Karim Abubakar missed.

In minute 35 the visitors returned to see the door with the 0-3, work of Rubén Nephew After combining with Manu Vallejo, and even before the break, Gianni avoided the fourth goal from the Turia capital with a good intervention from Kang-in Lee.

The meeting, very placid for the Valencians, who played with great mobility, changed something in the second half, something logical seeing the score.

In the spirit of the Catalans it played in favor that in the first minute of the restart they shortened distances through Alberto Oca, whose good shot came after Thierry Correia did not hit to clear the ball.

The Portuguese side himself retaliated shortly after by taking advantage of a pass from Guedes and the passivity of Ayoze Pleasures to set the 1-4 with a cross shot.

The clash, already resolved, became an opportunity for Alejandro’s Sandroni, who are bottom players in group 4B in the bronze category, will play with more ease and generate good chances through Gastón Alonso, who crashed the leather on the stick; Christian Perales, who ran into Cristian Rivero; and Ayoze Placeres and Luis Castillo, whose shots went wide.

Valencia, for its part, settled for the advantage, which could be greater and it was not because Pedro García crossed before Rubén Sobrino in a meeting clearly resolved in the first part and in which the second was almost filling.

1. Yeclano Deportivo: Gianni; Chino (Luis Castillo, M.46), Manu Castillo, Ayoze Placeres, Pedro García; Gastón Alonso, Álex Vaquero (Carlos Felipe, M.63), Alberto Oca (Luispa, M.76), Tonete (Víctor Fenoll, M.46); Christian Perales (Iker Torre, M.63) and Abubakar.

4. Valencia CF: Cristian Rivero; Thierry Correia, Sibille, Mangala, Toni Lato (Gayà, M.77); Koba Koindredi (Carlos Soler, M.81), Racic (Esquerdo, M.62), Guedes, Manu Vallejo; Kang-in Lee (Jason Remeseiro, M.62) and Rubén Sobrino.

Goals: 0-1. M.7: Kang-in Lee. 0-2. M.9: Racic. 0-3. M.35: Rubén Sobrino. 1-3. M.46: Alberto Oca. 1-4. M.54: Thierry Correia.

Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, from the Basque committee. He showed the yellow card to the locals Álex Vaquero, Manu Castillo and Alberto Oca.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the second round of the Copa del Rey soccer match that was played at the La Constitución stadium in Yecla before a thousand spectators.