Valanciunas raises the Grizzlies to stay alive in the play-in

The Memphis Grizzlies were victorious after a match by streaks that the San Antonio Spurs they did not know how to manage. The triumph, by 100 to 96, allows them to continue dreaming for the playoff, an aspiration that they must certify in a life or death duel before the Warriors this next friday

The match began with a huge partial in favor of Memphis, who took the lead from the first moment. Jonas Valanciunas he got big in painting and Dillon brooks He was running from the perimeter. Those from Tennessee were clear about their objective and went for it.

We had to wait to see the Spurs react. After eating a 19-38 against, they returned to the charge with a 30-18 in favor. An encounter of streaks that did not reflect the intensity of the play-in, a match to stay alive and that could not have more than one winner.

After going through the changing rooms it was clear that last night was not the day to be nervous. So much Dejounte murray What Ja morant they tried to pull their teams but the pitches did not go in. The Spurs guard would finish with 4/17 shots scored and the Memphis, 8/20.

Those who came out ahead were some less expected protagonists. The solidity of Valanciunas in the area it was decisive. The European center went to 23 points and 23 rebounds, in addition to adding 3 blocks, to keep his team alive.

Dillon brooks He did the same, with 24 points and a nice scoring display that allowed the Grizzlies to overcome a third quarter in which the defenses reigned over attack.

The last round left us with the final attempt by San Antonio to get hooked on the game. Murray would end with a triple-double (10-13-11) but without being decisive, and DeMar DeRozan Y Rudy gay they would top the scoring list for Popovich’s, both with 20 points.

It was of no use. The Grizzlies they remained strong and withstood the last attacks of their rival. They knew that they had half a triumph under their arm and that half the way was covered. The sobriety of the last minutes gave them one more life, which they will have to defend on Friday against Golden state.

For the Spurs the season ends here, the second in a row without playoff for the first time in franchise history. Reconstruction will have to take priority in Texas starting next year. The Grizzlies, for their part, can keep dreaming.