Urzaiz joins the ‘infinite applause’ for the heroes of the pandemic

Ten days after the return of the competition, The league has launched the campaign “Endless Applause”, In order to claim and honor the effort made by all of society, especially the healthcare workers, to overcome this serious situation caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus and in remembrance of those who have stayed on the road.

The goal is that in all stadiums
sound the applause of the fans in minute 20, from today forever, in recognition of the effort made between all. So says the message via Tweet: “Endless applause. Your stadium needs your applause. Come in and have your applause heard in the 20th minute of all matches

Urzaiz, which acts as ambassador of the The league has joined the initiative with a tweet and a video in Instagram: “The effort of these months will never be forgotten with the #Aplausoinfinito that will sound in every LaLiga game. I have already participated in aplausoinfinito.es and I want you to too. Together we are the largest team that exists. #Volveregain”He says in his message, with a call to action.

For the moment, the applause cannot be carried out in stadiums until the situation improves and the stands can be repopulated, but they can be sent to the LaLiga website. The hobby of the Athletic has a chance for lions to feel that support at minute 20 in San Mamés sending your recording.