Uruguayan footballers, on the warpath against the English Federation

The Uruguayan Soccer Players Association (AFU) has published this Monday an official statement in which it radically positions itself against the sanction of three games and 100,000 pounds that the English Football Federation (FA) imposed on Edinson Cavani, Manchester United forward, for using supposedly racist expressions.

Cavani responded to a message from a friend of his on social media calling him “black,” a term that according to the FA has a racist meaning, which led to the aforementioned sanction. The harsh statement from the AFU denounces the “arbitrariness” and “Biased, dogmatic and ethnocentric view”From the English body. “Far from defending against racism, what the FA has committed is a discriminatory act against culture and the way of life of Uruguayans ”, is assured in the statement, redistributed on the networks by Uruguayan internationals such as Diego Godín or Luis Suárez.

The English Federation has acted with “total ignorance and contempt for a multicultural vision of the world”, they say

“Pretending that the only valid form of interpretation in life is the one in the heads of the leaders of the English Football Federation is in itself a true discriminatory act, totally reprehensible ”, adds the statement.

Cavani, whom his colleagues call “faultless”, “has never committed a single act that could be interpreted as racist. Simply has used a common form of expression in our language to refer affectionately to a loved one, to a dear friend ”.

“The FA expresses through its sanction a total ignorance and contempt for a multicultural world view, respectful of plurality, making mistakes from the unilateral and rigid application of its anti-racist rules ”, concludes the letter, which urges the FA to lift the sanction imposed on Cavani.