Uruguayan federation and footballers request that Cavani’s sanction be lifted

The sanction for alleged “racism” that the English Federation imposed on Edinson Cavani had a harsh and formal response on Monday morning by the Uruguayan Football Federation and the Uruguayan footballers, whose visible heads are the important members of the national team , for example Luis Suárez and Diego Godín.

Based on these considerations, the Uruguayan Football Association urges the FA to review the sanction to Edinson Cavani. We are convinced, from our deep knowledge of the person and the analysis of the fact, that he is not worthy of the same or the consequent moral injury “, expressed the highest organ of soccer in Uruguay.

Lines back, the Federation stated that “the factual analysis that led to the sanction imposed has merited unanimous rejection by those who apply the most basic criteria of cultural contextualization and meaning of expressions made in the Spanish language. In our Spanish, which differs greatly from the Castilian spoken in other regions of the world, the nicknames negro / a or negrito / a, are used assiduously as an expression of friendship, affection, closeness and trust, and in no way refer derogatory or discriminatory to race or whose skin color is referred to ”.

“We are convinced, from our deep knowledge of the person and the analysis of the fact, that he is not worthy of the sanction”

It is clear that the ethnocentric interpretation of the English Federation has directly interfered with the culture of this region of the world, as there have also been many reactions from Argentina, also in defense of Edinson Cavani’s message full of affection.

“It is relevant that it is also taken into account that the gratitude of Cavani who started this confusion, was addressed to a Uruguayan, who is also his close friend, and therefore knows and shares his way of speaking,” said the AUF and then He added: “Therefore it is clear that the process that led to the sanction of Edinson Cavani suffered from the consideration of this elementary analysis and ends up consecrating a flagrant injustice that damages the morals of an irreproachable person.”

“The AUF wishes to express its unwavering commitment in the fight against racism and all known forms of discrimination against people”

Finally, the Uruguayan Football Association, with enormous subtlety, refers to aspects that go beyond football and that involves the history of the world itself and the performance of England throughout the ages. “Notwithstanding the foregoing, the AUF wishes to express its unwavering commitment in the fight against racism and all forms of known discrimination against people, human groups, groups or nations. In all these struggles, in addition, both our Uruguayan Soccer and our Country have been pioneers in the world even from times when oppressive regimes of freedom and human dignity were still in force. In our field, in addition, the principles and values ​​that sustain this struggle are incorporated in the training of footballers and people, and Edinson Cavani has been trained in them.

Always, since that distant South American in 1916, blacks have always been part of the celestial teams. And if there is an emblematic soccer player in Uruguayan soccer, it is the captain of Maracanazo in the 1950 World Cup, Obdulio Varela. The Uruguayans of before, now, and tomorrow, we have known him and we have repeated with total affection the nickname that remained forever: “Negro Boss.”

Suárez, Godín and others, on the warpath with the English Federation

Meanwhile, almost simultaneously, the pronouncement of the Uruguayan Association of Footballers was also known, which was replicated through social networks by the main players of the Uruguayan team, in clear support of Edinson Cavani.

“First of all, we want to denounce the arbitrariness of the English Football Association. Far from defending against racism, what he has committed is a discriminatory act against the culture and way of life of Uruguayans. The sanction reveals a biased, dogmatic and ethnocentric vision that does not admit more than one reading, which is to be imposed from its particular and exclusive subjective interpretation, no matter how wrong it may be, ”the Uruguayan players say.

“We want to denounce the arbitrariness of the English Football Federation”

They defend Cavani’s “faultless” figure, reiterate the affectionate meaning of the term used and add: “We are all against any form of discrimination. But unfortunately, the English Football Federation expresses through its sanction a total ignorance and contempt for a multicultural vision of the world, respectful of plurality, making a mistake from the unilateral and rigid application of its anti-racist rules, whose foundation we support, but which to all lights are not rationally applicable to the case under consideration. A person has not been condemned, but our culture, our way of life, has been condemned. That is if it is discriminatory and racist “.

And it culminates, with an imperative mandate: “For all the above, we ask the FA to proceed immediately to lift the sanction imposed on Edinson Cavani, and restore to the world his good name and honor, unfairly sullied by this reprehensible decision “.