Uruguay once again leaves its mark on a champion team like Atlético

There is a small country in the south of South America, which takes decades to grow from 3 million inhabitants to 3 and a half million, was invented by the English in the Preliminary Peace Convention of 1828 to end the war between Argentina Y Brazil and incidentally to ensure peace to trade and the free navigability of rivers, and it does not even have a name. Because it is the Republic that is to the East of the Uruguay River. Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

However, he has built a champion mystique that allowed him to be Four Times World Champion, in the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games, and in the 1930 and 1950 World Championships. And now, among others, he has an ambassador who never resigns, and who in the last seven Spanish Leagues has won more than Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético: Luis Suarez he was champion in five of seven.

This small country has specialized in breaking the logic in football, and embittering locals. He is an ungrateful guest. In the last two Copa América that Argentina organized, he eliminated him. In 87, when the Albicelestes arrived as World Champions with Maradona in the front row, the celestial ones had no better idea than on July 9, Argentina’s homeland date, to win 1 to 0 at the Monumental de River and break the party prepared. And in 2011, with a Messi Plethora, it was also a victory for Uruguay, this time in Santa Fe in the quarterfinals, and another disappointment for the locals.

It is not the intention to go through the entire history of Uruguayan football, because several books could continue to be written. The only chapter to add now is perhaps one, if not the most, incredible in the history of football. In Rio de Janeiro, in the Maracana, in 1950For Brazil, a draw was enough to be World Champion, and they won 1 to 0 averaging the second half. The Maracanazo, the 2 to 1 for Uruguay and the title, was written forever in gold letters.

Uruguay just !!

Why Luis Suarez is how it is? Obviously, its individual characteristics are decisive, but it also carries with it the baggage of the history of a small country that, due to demographics, could never have won anything, and yet won everything.

On Uruguay football is conceived almost as a religion, and is identified with the feeling of homeland. Two Uruguayans, in any remote corner of the world, identify with each other through soccer.

In Uruguay, you are born with a ball under your arm, many are made members of their parents’ club before breathing fresh air, and there are still fields, and less for the advance of civilization, where the only thing that matters is playing and play.

A goal is celebrated, a triumph, with a war cry that identifies us, and that we use in everyday life, outside of football: Uruguay noah !! (just without the S). It is a cry that synthesizes the collective, to understand that “No one is more important than all together”, as imposed on them Juan Lopez, the coach of the Maracanazo.

You learn to suffer, and then enjoy. No triumph has been easy, but neither has it been impossible. The Peñarol from the 1960s to the Bernabeu to play the rematch of the Intercontinental with him Real Madrid, and the Olympic round, to the frustration of the meringues, was a visitor. Thus, so many times the Uruguayans.

Atlético has enjoyed it

The Atlético de Madrid he knows. When he faced the final stretch, he found himself twice in the last two games, losing and from behind he won. As we Uruguayans like it. And a celestial, Luis Suárez, both times for the decisive goal.

Seven years ago, in the Camp Nou , the one who put the head for the essential draw against Barcelona, ​​was also a Uruguayan: Diego Godin, captain for years and mattress symbol.

And a little before, in the Europa League, in 2010, again a Uruguayan to give the title to Atlético. In Hamburg, the two goals from Diego Forlan decisive in an international title.

The decoration that Atlético fans clamored outside the Valladolid Stadium is not accidental or undeserved, repeating a slogan that is almost a battle cry that fuels the victories: !! U- RU- GUA- ME !!

Each Uruguayan from Atlético contributed in their own way and understood what was at stake in the final stretch of the League. Josema Giménez declared in the Uruguayan program Polideportivo that “these games are won from the Soul”. TO Lucas Torreira placeholder image His mother Viviana accompanied him from heaven, and Prof. Ortega is a phenomenon that built from a very low profile a key figure in the technical staff of the Cholo Simeone.

Suárez is Suárez, because he is Suárez, but also because he is Uruguayan. He showed it at Barcelona, ​​he ratified it at Atlético de Madrid. It is so incredible what sometimes happens in Uruguay, that two of the top scorers in Europe, Luis and Edinson Cavani, were born in a city of less than 100,000 inhabitants 20 days apart. Salto, his native land, thus gained prestige in the world.

There is a small country, the smallest of South America, where champions sprout. Oh, and if you, a manager, want to be a champion, hire a Uruguayan !!