‘Up to the bun’: Susanna Griso explodes in ‘Public Mirror’

In this new normal, one of the unions that has seen its work altered the most is that of the media, which has had to adapt to the pandemic to continue reporting. Due to security measures, the majority of interviewees or guests no longer attend the programs, but instead they intervene through video calls or simple phone calls.

And it is not the first time that live technical problems have occurred: poor connection, cuts in the image, having to share the space with children or other people, etc.

The last to suffer the complications of remote conversations has been Susanna Griso. The presenter of ‘Public mirror’ was in charge of interviewing live Willy Barcenas, after his controversial statements, with continued sound problems.

Stool clarifies Susanna Griso the controversy of masks

The singer of Stool has clarified the reasons for his viral comment on masks. However, from the beginning, Bárcenas has complained of sound problems that did not allow him to hear well the questions of the collaborators.

“I’m skype up to the bow”

It was after an advertisement when the problem seemed solved and the presenter gave proof of it: “Now I do think you hear me well, say yes, come on. Take pity on me I can’t bear the sound problems at this post-Covid stage “, has commented the presenter.

The interviewees have joined the complaints of Griso ensuring that they too are fed up with the technical problems they suffer in their guild. The presenter has not hesitated to be blunt and close the issue by stating: “I’m into skype to the bow, I say it clearly”.