‘Until never’: Joaquín Prat thus ends his most tense and uncomfortable interview

Joaquín Prat has lived this Wednesday one of his most awkward interviews since presenting ‘Four a day’. If a few weeks ago it was Mónica Sanz’s turn to deal live with a denier who questioned why she was not wearing the mask on set, now it has been Prat who has interviewed one of these coronavirus deniers. The guest, Esteban Cabal, has released his speech while the presenter held on stoically. He denialist doctor considers that “there is a pandemic because the WHO has declared it” but that, in his opinion, its lethality “is not alarming.”

In addition, he has released all kinds of off-key comments about the media that, according to him, have been dedicated to “terrorizing the population.”

“I ask Mediaset (and other networks) to rectify the information that was given about a gynecologist who said that one of the protesters from Colón had entered his hospital with bilateral pneumonia caused by Covid. It’s malicious news and what you do is terrorize the population because they are informative terrorists “, has said.

“See you never, bye”

After the guest released his speech, Joaquín Prat only added: “See you never, goodbye” and has hung up the call on “Four a day.”

The presenter, did not give rise to any type of dialogue and is one of the times that we have seen him more pissed off and outraged. Morcillo Cross, a collaborator who knows Prat well, assured that she had never seen Joaquín “react like this”.