Unprecedented midfield in Tenerife

The CD Tenerife will visit next Sunday to FC Cartagena with the losses of his two most common midfielders, so Luis Miguel Ramis he will have to rebuild his core and bet on an unprecedented double pivot.

Next weekend’s game they will miss it Aitor Sanz and Ramón Folch, who this season have started 25 and 19 games, respectively.

Aitor Sanz will not be able to play due to suspension, after serving the second cycle of cautions, while Folch is injured.

In all the league matches played so far this year, at least one of these two players has always started, and they also form the most common midfielder pair.

The two pivots that Luis Miguel Ramis has for the next match are Javi Alonso and Sergio González, although he also has the possibility of incorporating Alberto Jiménez in this demarcation or delaying Gio Zarfino or Valentín Vada, who are acting in more advanced positions .