‘Units tornarem’, the candidacy that wants to give a boost to the APMAE

Under the name of ‘Units tornarem’ (‘Together we will return’), and with Carles bosch to the front, the candidacy is presented to preside over the APMAE (Associació de Petits i Mitjans Accionistes de l’Espanyol) that wants to regain its relevance in Espanyolism, defending the interests of small shareholders and all partners and parakeets.

The Board of Carles bosch incorporates members of the founding Board of APMAE as Ramon Rius (former president of the Federació de Penyes del Espanyol and APMAE) and prominent followers of Espanyolism such as Arnau Baqué, President of the Espanyol Esportives Sections, Manuel Carrasco, Ferran Marín, Joan Avilés, Enric Eito and Enric Verdet.

“I am very happy with this project to chair the APMAE. This project unites different sensitivities and stages of the APMAE with prominent parakeets who want to work to help the Spanish to return where he deserves, to the First Division. We also want to group the different opinions and sensibilities within Espanyolismo. Hence the slogan ‘Units Tornarem’ (‘Together we will return’), ”he said. Carles bosch regarding the presentation of this candidacy.