United wants to put Mourinho on the ropes

Something more than a scare was taken yesterday by Tottenham fans when they read that Kane threatens to leave in summer in case the team does not enter the Champions League. A not far-fetched scenario if you consider that others like Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham and Everton also have aspirations. This afternoon the team of Mourinho He has a litmus test: he receives United in a match that can mark a before and after for the Portuguese.

Tottenham are not licensed to fail after drawing last week at St James ’Park. The league is going to him and it is not worth trusting the entire season to the letter of the League Cup. This wardrobe is made to play in the Champions League. Not even the Europa League can serve as a mitigating factor. And ahead awaits a United wanting revenge after the painful 1-6 that conceded at Old Trafford in the first round, defeated by a virtuoso Kane and a successful They are.

Tottenham arrives at the appointment only with the casualties of Davies and of Doherty and after a whole week to prepare for the meeting. United, without Martial and with a message from Solskjaer that will have come to Mourinho: “The team cannot settle for second place. It cannot be celebrated ”, assured the Norwegian. A couple of years ago, the now London team coach pointed out that falling behind City was one of his biggest successes. Parallel speeches.

United wants to get closer to its neighbor, albeit in a testimonial way. Even if it is to add a pinch of emotion to a Premier who is prepared to be taken by City. But above all the shock of this afternoon appeals to the awakening of a Tottenham that is reeling with Mourinho, now discussed in the capital. And with the fear of a club that fears losing Kane if homework is not done. Even if Daniel levy, your president, is not going to make your exit easy.