Unconditional love: Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva, more united than ever

As much as the rumors of infidelity spread through the pink press, their love remains unconditional. Tamara Falco is convinced that Iñigo Onieva, her boyfriend, has not been unfaithful and that is why in the latest released images the couple has been seen more united and empathetic than ever.

Gossip will not be able to with your relationship. The daughter of Isabel Presley has every confidence that the information that follows Appearing in the media, they are part of a conspiracy about her boyfriend’s alleged infidelity, they are false and only respond to the desire that the couple break up permanently.

She has already publicly denied it and also wanted to boast that her relationship with the businessman is going from strength to strength with various publications on her account. Instagram highlighting their close bomb-proof relationship.

For now Onieva He does not rule out taking legal action against those who have wanted to defame him. “We are phenomenal,” Tamara said recently.

“If you knew him, you would know how affectionate he is, but he is affectionate with the dog, with his mother, with his friends, with everyone, and if he had the slightest doubt … is that no,” he sentenced in this regard. In other words, their love is still as strong as the first day.