Unai Emery: ‘We must continue to break down barriers’

Unai Emery, winner of three Europa Leagues in a row with Sevilla, wants to win this Wednesday, now as Villarreal coach, the fourth of his record and that would be the first major European title for his current club. The Basque coach is clear about his goal this final: “We have to keep breaking down barriers. Villarreal have a place in the final of this competition that has grown a lot in recent years ”.

Unai Emery said that “you have to enjoy this final, but thinking about winning it, out of respect for Manchester United.” The Basque coach assured that “because of our work, we deserve to be living these moments” and that Villarreal “have arguments, we will use them to develop ourselves in our best version and find our options to win.”

The Villarreal coach assured that the final is about “taking the game to our field, imposing ourselves in phases, defensively adjusting their qualities so that they do not appear.”

Regarding his previous Europa League finals (three won with Sevilla and one loss with Arsenal), Unai Emery said: “They are all different. In some I was a favorite, in others I was not. In the 90 minutes being able to have situations in your favor plays a lot. We arrived with great enthusiasm, with great enthusiasm. We have been reliable in this competition ”.

Regarding Manchester United wearing the favorite sign, Unai Emery said: “They may feel like favorites, but we are going to find answers. We have our chances and we must hold on to them. There is no need to think about the ‘what if’. We must be focused on the day-to-day preparation, tomorrow play with all the illusion and win, without thinking about the consequences ”s.

On Harry Maguire’s possible absence due to injury, Unai Emery said: “Manchester are prepared to supply injured players. We respect you as a club. To your coach, players. To the competition ”.

And on whether after his time at Arsenal he feels obliged to show something to English football, Emery replied: “My obligation is with Villarreal. Defend your project, your work to build a very large project in a town. No rematch with any English team. Just pride in defending Villarreal ”.