UEFA holds referees to their feet for Haaland’s autograph

UEFA has informed the referees that it is unacceptable and unworthy to request autographs from players, after an assistant referee, Romanian Octavian Sovre, asked Erling Haaland to sign the yellow and red cards after the Manchester City-Borussia match Dortmund last Tuesday. The attendee later said that the autograph was for a charitable cause.

Roberto Rosetti, UEFA’s chief referee, wrote to the referees saying that if they want to be respected they should not ask players for autographs. “It is unacceptable, it is a matter of dignity and do not forget the number of TV cameras in European matches,” said Rosetti, as revealed by the Sky Sports channel.

Sovre wanted Haaland’s autograph cards to raise money for a charitable cause, said Simona Zlibut, supervisor of the SOS Autism Bihor center. Zlibut’s own daughter is autistic and her mother explains that the center, to which Octavian Sovre gave the autographs, depends on donations.