UEFA does not modify for now neither Eurocopa nor Champions

UEFA, to this day, is not considering modifying its plans for the Eurocup or the Champions League despite the rebound in the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting all sports, such as rugby, Formula 1 and the Ski World Cup to cite just a few cases.

“As for the European Championship”, initially scheduled for the summer of 2020 and rescheduled between June 11 and July 11, “nothing has changed,” a UEFA spokesperson told the agency France Press.

Consequently, UEFA plans to keep the European Championship in 12 cities in 12 countries, despite the fact that on Tuesday Dominique Blanc, president of the Swiss Football Federation, considered it “difficult” to maintain this scenario “given travel restrictions” due to the measures taken by different countries due to the pandemic.

UEFA does not even rule out public in stadiums

According to the same source, “from now to March 5”, UEFA will decide “city by city” between four options: “100% of spectators in the stadium, from 50 to 100%, from 20 to 30% or behind closed doors” , with different sanitary precautions in each case.

The Champions League, which resumes in February, is not in danger

Club competitions, including the Champions League, whose round of 16 tie will begin on February 16 and 17, are not immediately threatened either, unlike European rugby tournaments.

While the voices that ask to vaccinate athletes multiply, UEFA explains that this aspect “will be part of the reflection” on the medical protocol of their competitions, “but it is too early to make a decision.”

In Switzerland they don’t see it that way

In an interview with several Swiss media on Tuesday, Dominique Blanc glimpsed two clues: “play the euro in a single country, in Russia or Germany for example” or “in a single big city” with enough stadiums, like London.

Blanc cannot imagine spectators returning to stadiums due to the slow progression of vaccination coverage among the population. “In my opinion, we are heading towards a different European Championship, probably without an audience,” said the Swiss leader, as the 8th Final of the Champions League was already played in August 2020 in Lisbon.