UEFA admits Eurocup may have fewer venues

The Euro Cup, initially planned for this summer and which will finally be played in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, is not at risk. This was stated by UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, who indicated that preparations are being made to move the national team forward. However, the leader did comment on the possibility that the European has fewer venues in which to play the competition.

The Euro 2020 -now 2021- proposed a competitive model spread over several countries and not one or two as it had been happening regularly. There were 12 venues along the length of the mainland that were to host the tournament, but Ceferin recognized that perhaps they should be reduced in order to guarantee security against Covid-19.

“The idea is that we stay in the same cities. We have had conversations with nine cities and everything is ready. With three cities, we have some problems. So we will discuss more and, in principle, we will do it in 12 cities. But if not, we are ready to do it in 10, nine or eight, “said the UEFA president.

Soccer, positive energy

Ceferin also commented on the fact that soccer can influence society, confined mostly by the virus, for good. For this reason, he gave the example of the Bundesliga, the first of the major leagues to return to competition.

“We trust the Germans, their authorities are very serious. It’s not just about soccer. We talk about depressed people because we are locked up, because there is a lot of uncertainty, and soccer takes life to a normal level (back to normal). Soccer brings positive energy. It’s easier to be home if you can watch sports! So I think it’s a great (example of) cooperation between the German league and the German government. I hope and believe that they will be very successful, ”he said.

The manager hopes that 80% of the leagues can complete the season. “The national leagues are a separate thing and they will decide separately how they want to proceed. About national leagues, it is difficult to say. Some say they are thinking of starting a little later, others will start sooner rather than later. But as I said before, I think that at least 80 percent will finish the season, “he assured.