Two primates are stolen and abandoned at a bus stop

The Civil Guard is investigating an unusual case. The alleged buyer of two primates has been arrested today in Madrid. Two other people are also being investigated for their relationship to the theft of these animals, which were later abandoned at a bus stop.

The detainee and those investigated are related to the crimes of illicit trafficking in protected species and animal abuse. This is a very strange case that highlights the black market behind these species.

The investigation began on May 14, after communicating the head of the Rainfer primate rescue center, the entry into the facilities and the removal of two female primates.

The agents observed and collected various vestiges in the place, verifying that the thieves agreed by jumping the perimeter fence and after forcing the door that protects the animals, they took the two females.

It is about two females of cercopithecus petaurista, “Marta and Eider, protected under the protection of CITES and belonging to the State after being rescued from illegal trafficking in 1999. Since then they have spent 21 years living a quiet life and being able to maintain their wild behaviors related to their nature, until today, when they have been violently snatched in the dead of night from her home in Rainfer. ”

Rainfer He has shown his concern because these two animals have a very delicate state of health due to their advanced age “and also, they warn,” they are sick and need daily medication, so they imply a health risk for people who can deal with them from directly ”.

“We are devastated by grief and rage … Destroyed by having lost part of our family. Despite this, we have taken the appropriate measures to further strengthen the sanctuary’s security measures and thus protect the rest of the primates we harbor and we will fight with all our forces together with the State security corps and you, to recover Marta and Eider. ”