Two Miss Spain overcame bullying thanks to basketball

Andrea Martinez (Miss Spain 2020) as Sofía Del Prado (Miss Spain 2017) found in basketball an escape route to combat bullying. Through teamwork, perseverance and discipline, they knew how to channel that rejection that, at times, they suffered and that they now openly show to help eradicate this scourge.

“Sport can help a lot to people who are suffering bullying because it helps you build confidence in yourself and in the people around you,” he said. Andrea Martinez in the chat with MD. The current Miss Spain who, in addition, came to travel around Europe with the U15 women’s team, which she had to put aside once she focused on her university studies.

“Basketball was like a salvation for me. It helped me to integrate ”, he assured on the other hand Sofia Del Prado To which also playing as a team taught very important values.

In the meeting with MD, the two Miss returned to their origins in the Movistar Academy Magariños pavilion where all the sections of the Students Basketball Club train and whose women’s section turned 30 years old last 2019. Throwing to basket they returned to their childhood to the time they asked 2021 “a lot of health and the basketball courts again full of public in the stands”.