Two Lille players come to blows and are sent off!

Amazing incident in the preseason friendly played this Saturday by the Lille, current champion of the French League, and the Belgian team of the Courtrai. The result, the least: 1-1. The significant thing took place when the referee of the clash whistled the end of the first half, as published this Sunday by the newspaper Le Parisien.

It was then that an incident that would end the expulsion of two Lille players, the Portuguese Xeka Y Tiago
Leave it. As soon as the end of the first period was whistled, both became involved in an argument that would eventually come to blows and that caused the rapid intervention of their teammates to prevent the thing from getting worse.

The referee of the match issued the expulsion with red
direct of both players, which left Lille with nine men to play the remainder of the game, that is, the entire second half. The local coach, in order not to detract from the crash, chose to face the restart with one less man.

Xeka gave his version of events through social networks, stating that “I have given him a indication to a partner with whom I have never had no
trouble. He was offended, even though I never insulted him or disrespected him. At the end of the first half he came to me and I
attacked. I simply tried to defend myself. I want excuse me in front of the fans and the club for this situation: those who know me know that I am not an aggressive person: I can have a strong personality but always with good intentions ”.

For his part, Jocelyn Gourvennec, Lille coach, assured not having details of what happened and that they would solve it behind closed doors. Xeka was already involved in a affair
disciplinary last season, when he was ruled out before the game against him PSG for inappropriate behavior, as explained by the club on that occasion.