Two Door Cinema Club makes Cruïlla vibrate on its second day

The Cruïlla It reopened its doors this Friday at the Parc del Fórum. The Festival hosted a new day of concerts that filled the Catalan capital with music. Once again, almost 20 thousand people gathered in the different stages set up by the organization to dance and sing with live music again.

With their music, the Catalan group Gertrude He was in charge of opening the series of concerts, which lasted until after 3 in the morning. Ana Tijoux, Delafé and Carolina During they managed to get the spotlight in the late afternoon.

Eva and Juan Aguirre, from Amaral, Estrella Damm performed their best-known songs on stage. The public present there accompanied the group that has been dedicated to music for almost 30 years. ‘The Universe about me’, ‘Summer days’ or ‘Noise’ were some of the songs that were heard in the Forum Park and that made the attendees excited.

The singer Eva Amaral during her performance this Friday on the second day of the Cruïlla festival

Without a doubt, one of the great highlights of the night arrived after midnight. The Northern Ireland gang Two Door Cinema Club, one of the great claims of this edition of the festival Cruïlla, flooded the esplanade of the Forum with its recognizable themes. A concert that ended with his most famous song “What You Want” that caused the ecstasy of those present who ended up jumping and enjoying the closest thing to normality in many months.

News Carminha, Manel and Zoo were the last three groups to play in a Cruïlla which returns this Saturday with some of its most anticipated concerts.

The Northern Ireland band 'Two Door Cinema Club' during their performance on the second day of the Cruïlla festival

The Northern Ireland band ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ during their performance on the second day of the Cruïlla festival

Tom Walker will not be at the Cruïlla

The organization has had to regret the cancellation of the Tom Walker concert due to visa problems related to mobility restrictions. However, the Festival has moved tab and has announced that it will be the Galician Xoel Lopez who will replace the British interpreter.

The singer-songwriter will present at the Cruïlla the songs from his latest album, ‘Si mi rayo te thee’, along with other songs from his long career.