TVE separates Mónica López from the mornings and will not present ‘La hora de La 1’ again

Monica Lopez got this season in front of the mornings from Spanish Television after years being head of the meteorology section and replacing María Casado. However, the public corporation has now decided to dispense with López as director and presenter of ‘La hora de La 1’ the next season. A piece of news that ‘El Mundo’ advanced this Friday and that has taken everyone by surprise.

The presenter of the morning magazine has gone on vacation this Friday and said goodbye to his entire team. It is striking that, however, he has not said goodbye to the audience.

Mónica López, presenter of ‘La hora de La 1’.

TVE will communicate in a few days the name of the person who will replace Mónica López

For now, it will be Igor Gomez who will take the reins of the program throughout the summer. But it remains an unknown who will take López’s place as of September. The public chain will announce in the next few days who will present the mornings
next season, according to ‘El Televisero’.

On the other hand, the future of ‘La hora de La 1’ is also on the air, which could not stay on the grid or change your name as it happened a year ago with the cancellation of ‘The morning‘. In that sense, the corporation does not rule out recover the previous model with ‘The breakfasts’ and then with a morning program like ‘La Mañana’.

It is unknown what Mónica López will do on TVE when she returns from her vacation. However, considering your profile as meteorologist and his extensive experience in this field, it would not be surprising that will return to the meteorology area of ​​the news.

Mónica López presenting 'El Tiempo' in La 1.

Mónica López presenting ‘El Tiempo’ in La 1.

José Manuel Pérez Tornero has already announced changes in ‘La hora de La 1’

The changes in the morning show of TVE were seen to come, since the new president of the corporation, Jose Manuel Perez Turner, already advanced it a little less than a month ago, in addition to announce the cancellation of ‘Las things clear’ by Jesús Cintora, who will say goodbye to the audience next July 22.

Changes must be gradual. We plan to change faces, innovate, our own and those of collaborators. We want to give a boost to thematic experts, a calm debate, not polarization“, Pérez said then.