TV commentator fired for his macho words towards Serena Williams

Sexist scandal in sports. The belgian Marc duez, a commentator for the Belgian public channel RTBF specializing in motors and a former Formula One driver, has generated great controversy due to his misogynistic comments during the Monaco GP. During the broadcast, the ex-driver dedicated some very inappropriate words to the great tennis player Serena Williams, who was invited as VIP for Aston Martin to the fifth round of the season.

At the end of the race, Serena was awarded the honor of waving the checkered flag to mark the finish line. However, the 23-time winner of Grand slam had to endure a despicable comment on the Belgian RBTF that the network did not see coming.

“Serena Williams is going to shake something different than what she’s used to,” the commentator said suddenly. Marc duez, leaving the audience of the chain stunned. It goes without saying that the Belgian television RTBF has suspended the chain abruptly.

Duez is a well-known Belgian driver who has been champion of the 24 hours of the Nürburgring on several occasions. The commentator not only released that outrageous phrase but also, at the moment in which Serena raised the checkered flag to show it to VerstappenShe noted: “You can see that she is clearly not a cheerleader,” also recommending that she enroll in a cheerleading course.

For his part, the Belgian commentator wanted to issue a press release apologizing for his words and to clarify them. “Said with a humorous tone, noting that the American has exceptionally changed her tennis racket for a checkered flag,” he said.

“Never during the broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix did I have the intention of hurting or making fun of anyone. If some people have been upset by my humorous comments, I would like to apologize to them. I am not a professional journalist, so I reacted spontaneously to certain images proposed for the Grand Prix ”, he concluded.