Tunku Ismail: ‘Lim doesn’t want to sell’

The Prince of johor believes that Peter lim does not want to sell its majority stake in the Valencia and he pointed out that when he met with him a few days ago with the intention of buying part of his shares and keeping the sports management of the club, the Singaporean stopped the operation.

“That day we were supposed to close the dealBut then Mr Lim clarified to me that first I had to solve some problems before we could proceed ”, Tunku Ismail said in statements to the newspaper As, in which he did not want to reveal what those issues were.

“The idea was to buy a part of the shares from Mr. Lim,” confirmed the heir to the Sultanate of Johor. The chosen formula assumes that the prince’s money it goes to the maximum shareholder and not to the club, which would leave its next movements very limited.

Furthermore, the Prince warned that his fortune is what it is. “I am not a sheikh like the Prince of Arabia don’t have huge expectations either, ”he asked. His project, he says, is to put soccer people in and “the door is still open.”

Of course, Ismail believes that it will not be opened to anyone else and that if he raises friendship relationship that unites them. “He will not listen to other people or other offers, he does not want to sell Valencia,” he warned.