Tuchel’s surreal anger at Werner in the middle of the game

Thomas tuchel has fallen with both feet on the Chelsea, but not all are joys. Although anecdotal, it transcended a surreal and funny anger that the German hit his compatriot Timo Werner in the game against Everton.

It was in the first half, with the game still tied without goals. when Tuchel He was amazed at what the former RB Leipzig was doing on the pitch. “Scam, how long will you stay on the left? You are playing on the right! The last 15 minutes you’ve only been on the left! You do not understand?“Tuchel exclaimed puzzled from the band, something that the ambient microphones picked up.

When the Chelsea He responded to his coach’s adjustments and quickly took a goal, which came from the left just two minutes later, with a shot from Kai Havertz to the center of Marcos Alonso that Godfrey deflected to his own goal.

It was not the party of Werner, at least face to door. Despite being on the field every minute, Pickford won the game, saving two hands-to-hands, although the game was already decided.