Tuchel: ‘The penalty action was a bit scary’

Thomas tuchel, coach of the Chelsea, explained that the action of the possible penalty of Cesar Azpilicuet
to It gave him a bit of fear, although he pointed out that he could not see it well live.

The German praised his team’s work after they eliminated the
Atlético de Madrid
by a 3-0 aggregate in the tie.

“It was a great performance, an incredible effort, even from those who were on the bench and in the stands. We felt we wanted it 100%, ”he said. Tuchel.

“They tried to pressure us in the first half, but they opened a lot of spaces in the center and we exploited it. There were minutes in the second half in which we suffered, but we were prepared to do what was necessary to win ”, he added.

Regarding the possible penalty, which the referee did not point out due to a grab from Cease
Azpilicueta on Carrasco in the first half, with the score still 0-0.

“Was it a penalty? Azpi he got a little nervous because his assignment was short, I couldn’t see it well, but it was a scary moment, “said the German coach. “We were not afraid to take the game to the physical plane, because we know that we can trust it. We enjoyed this battle. The boys were perfect and we were very hungry to pass ”.

“That we are in the quarterfinals means that there are only five games left. It’s a big step and it feels great, “he added. Tuchel.