Tuchel tastes glory ten months after his bitterest defeat

Thomas tuchel is the great winner of this Champions League. Not for having picked up a Chelsea in bad dynamics and having resurrected him, but because ten months ago he lived his bitterest defeat when he fell in the final with the Paris saint germain in front of Bayern Munich.

That bad result was the beginning of his sentence in the French team. Months later, in December, Tuchel met its settlement and closed its stage in the PSG, which was somewhat unfair to him, given what he saw after his departure, with a Mauricio Pochettino That has not had too much influence, unable to win Ligue 1.

But time puts each one in his place and this time he has done it with Tuchel. With almost no time to rest, the German took over in January Chelsea, in a crisis situation, and there he was able to get the most out of his work. First putting the team in the top four of the Premier League and now, raising the second Champions League of the club’s history, which already has him as one of its heroes, and no wonder.