Tuchel, accused of insulting Conceiçao

Tuchel was accused of insulting the technician of the Porto
after the Chelsea lost (0-1) but achieved the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League after the rental of the first leg match.

Sergio Conceiçao pointed a finger at the blues coach after the quarter-final second leg in Seville: “This man next door insulted me. My English is not perfect and there was no exchange of words because I was concentrating on the game. I don’t know why he reacted like that. I did not understand at all ”, says the Portuguese coach. “I heard some insults. It wasn’t pretty and my irritation ultimately had to do with it. But I didn’t even say the word to him.

The two clashed during the match after a penalty claim from Porto was rejected by the referee. But Conceiçao insisted later: “It wasn’t like that, but that’s it.”

However, the matter may not end here, as the Portuguese admitted: “I told the referee that the fourth official heard the insults.” The players of both teams had to be separated after the final whistle sounded.