Tremosa: ‘We want Barcelona to be fixed in F1 and not go into rotation’

There have been many rumors that have emerged in recent days as a result of the announcement of Miami’s entry into the calendar of the F1 from 2022. Some international media pointed out that Barcelona could be one of the routes that lost its place in the season of ‘Great Circus’ as of 2022 or that it is one of the circuits that will enter a rotation. However, the president of the Circuit, the Lord Ramon Tremosa, denied that the Catalan route is considering this option.

“We cannot lose this continuity because if you leave the calendar it is very difficult to enter. I want to place great value on the collaboration at the institutional level that we have had ”, he stressed.

“Our will is to continue being a fixed place in the F1 calendar and not go into rotation,” he said when asked by Mundo Deportivo at the presentation this Monday of the 31st edition of the Formula 1 Spanish GP.

Tremosa, in his previous speech, highlighted the importance of continuing to maintain this event in the long term, since as he well recalled, the economic impact of the test in the territory is very noticeable, since “each euro of public investment increases to 7 and 10 euros in the GDP of the Catalan economy ”.

“Catalonia is a country of motors, fans, champions, factories … happy to have guaranteed continuity for another year,” added Tremosa.

For his part, both Tremosa as the director of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluís Santamaria, stressed the great relationship and harmony they have with the leaders of Formula 1, with whom they are negotiating a long-term contract after the express renewal for one year of the F1 Spanish GP for this 2021.

Santamaria said that in these negotiations, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is trying to get F1 to forgive it the fee that this course should pay for hosting the GP, since he will not have public income due to the prohibition of his presence in the race. And in this sense, he pointed out that if they cannot get the canon 0, they hope to achieve a reduction of it.

Josep Lluís Santamaria

“Without an audience, revenue drops to zero, not just from ticket sales, but also from hospitality revenue. Cleaning and control costs will also be reduced and will focus on the organizational part. Last year, not having an audience meant that there was no canon and in that we are working to explain and convey well the conditions in which we will do the test and seek this canon that is as minimal as possible. Last year F1 paid a million euros to cover additional costs and this year they will come with their motorhomes and we will have the usual paddock and not with the booths that we put up last year. The PCR test protocol if we will have to do it and we will start doing them this Wednesday. We will work to try to find that the canon does not exist or that it is the minimum possible ”, argued Santamaria.

“The negotiations are underway and we will be discreet when it comes to giving a thermometer of the moment. We see a good predisposition but the negotiation is not closed. F1 is very interested in Barcelona continuing to host this event. We have good hopes of reaching an agreement that is good for the institutions, ”said Tremosa.