Tremendous slip by Andrea Levy: delete a tweet after the denial of the magazine ‘Time’

Twitter has been filled with criticism of politics Andrea Levy for an unfortunate message that has aroused the ire of thousands of users. The truth is that the culture delegate of the Madrid City Council has had a tremendous slip that has left her in evidence.

The journalist of the prestigious Time magazine, Lisa abend, has published a message on his Twitter account after the commotion caused by a tweet by Andrea Levy in which he criticized the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, with totally incorrect information.

Errejón had shared on your Twitter profile that his proposal for a four-day, 32-hour workweek has appeared on the cover of Time magazine. The politician thus showed the cover of the magazine to attest that the Spanish proposal had gone very far in Great Britain, where it is being analyzed.

The Anglo-Saxon publication points out that it can become an example to follow. “The proposal has been controversial, as expected, but its time may have come,” the report said.

Andrea LevyHowever, he wanted to respond to the politician by assuring that it was a false cover: “Do not pass false covers to Errejon that comes up poor … “. However, he had to delete the tweet shortly after several party leaders told him that he was wrong and that this news does appear in the European version of the magazine.

Finally, it was the journalist Lisa abend, author of the text, who has come out to clarify what happened after having received numerous messages on Twitter.

The journalist explained that she has experienced “a small storm of tweets” about whether her news about the four-hour workday has really appeared on the cover of her media or not.

Abend has confirmed that Time publishes different editions and that it is in the European version that it appears on the cover. In the US edition it does not appear on the cover but it does appear in the magazine. “It is not a fake news”, has sentenced.

The comments have not been made wait through Twitter: