Tremendous ‘crack’ of Verstappen against Hamilton

Max Verstappen could not hide his rage and anger after what happened this Sunday in the F1 Great Britain GP. The Dutch pilot, who had been taken to the hospital for a medical check-up as a precaution, watched from the hospital as Lewis hamilton celebrated a triumph that had been conceived by the incident with his own Max at the start of the race. In the first lap, the champion and the leader of the World Cup touched in Copse, with Hamilton entering through the interior and Verstappen on the outside. Neither of them loosened and it ended with a touch of Hamilton’s front left wheel on Max’s right rear wheel. Verstappen He went against the wall with an impact that the Red Bull boss, Chris horner, said it was 51 G, because in that curve, the cars go about 290 km / h in eighth gear. For his part, Lewis was fortunate to be able to continue in the race, and by showing a red flag for this incident, his mechanics were able to fix the car for the resumption of the event. TO Lewis sanction him with 10 seconds, but despite this, he ended up winning, overtaking Leclerc with two laps to go. Thus, for this incident, Hamilton cut 25 points at a stroke from a Max who seemed favorite. For all this, Verstappen defined it as “disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior” to see Lewis celebrate his triumph while he was in the hospital.

This was clarified through his social networks, very angry and upset by the penalty that Hamilton received for said accident, which Verstappen believes “does not do justice to the dangerous maneuver that Lewis made on the track.”

Fortunately, I’m fine. Very disappointed that they pulled me out like this. The penalty does not help us and does not do justice to the dangerous maneuver that Lewis made on the track. Watching the celebrations while I’m still in the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior, but we keep going “Verstappen said from the hospital.

Verstappen’s father asked for disqualification

Like Max, his father Jos Verstappen He also considered that the penalty received by Hamilton was very little. “They could have disqualified him. Max left him space and was behind him, you can’t overtake inside then “, the pilot’s father told De Telegraaf newspaper.

“Looks like it’s ok. Obviously it has been a great blow. He felt a bit dizzy so they took him to the hospital for a CT scan. “, told the Ziggo Sport network about a Max that started the day with 33-point lead in the World Cup over Hamilton, but that he will leave Silverstone with only an 8-point margin.