Tremendous anger of Belén Esteban by this detail of Antonio David Flores

As a result of the publication of the documentary ‘Rocío Carrasco: Telling the truth to stay alive’, Antonio David Flores has become the great protagonist of the present day of Mediaset. The former civil guard was relegated from his post in ‘Save me‘After the broadcast of the first two chapters of the series in which he spoke of the alleged mistreatment he had exercised on his ex-partner.

However, his name is one of those that is having the most presence in the social gatherings of the chain. Along these lines, this past Tuesday Carlota Corredera revealed during the program that the former civil guard gave his colleagues from ‘Save me’ a bottle of Dom Pérignon ‘Vintage’, valued between 300 and 600 euros, according to the presenter.

Although not all were lucky enough to be gifted by their colleague. Only Kiko Hernández, Kiko Matamoros and Mila Ximénez were the three benefited by their partner, something that did not like anything to Belén Esteban, who in recent years has defended him in his war against his ex-wife.

Belén Esteban, in ‘Save me’.

“He doesn’t send me a bottle. I have stayed dead … I have to say that a month after leaving ‘Big Brother“He sends me a bouquet of flowers,” began the ex from Jesulín.

Although later he added that “I do not feel bad that he sends it to my colleagues, it is the detail … the truth is that I flipo. What I did I did because I wanted to. What’s more, when the girl came I took care of her. And I have to say: I love her. I do not care. I know how I am. This goes in the head and in the penance of each one. I have nothing else to say”.