Transfers. Griezmann-Saúl: possible exchange between Barça and Atlético

It can be the bomb of the summer. Barter between Athletic and the FC Barcelona: Saúl Ñíguez Y Antoine
Griezmann. An operation that both clubs have contemplated because it would have benefits for both and, if carried out, would be the great news of the transfer market. Although it is in an initial phase, the possibility of both players exchanging their teams for the next season has already traveled through the airlift.

Let’s go by parts. Saul, only 26 years old, continues to seriously value the option of a change of scene. He has been thinking about it for a long time and only the lack of an offer that satisfies the Athletic has prevented his departure so far. In the last hours, the Liverpool has shown interest again, but the 40 million euros they offer from England is an insufficient amount for the mattress makers. With a contract until 2026 and a termination clause of 150 ‘kilos’, the Metropolitan have made it clear to the player that, if his desire is to leave, they will help him, but provided that the proposal is elevated.

Option for Wijnaldum

This is where the FC
Barcelona. In Barcelona they are clear that bartering will be the only formula to achieve the arrival of important players. They want to reinforce the center of the field after the ‘scared’ of Wijnaldum, which at the last minute changed the Catalan club for PSG. And they need to release the wage bill at all costs, being Griezmann one of the players to whom all the lights are pointing after the injury of Dembélé.



is willing to part with the Gaul if it is a condition for him to continue Messi in the team. Y Diego
Simeone he would be delighted to have the ‘7’ at his command again. With him, in the Athletic, He offered his best performance, which led him to be considered one of the best footballers on the planet, becoming world champion having a leading role in his team.

Atlético, special for Griezmann

The high token of Griezmann is the great stumbling block to be able to carry out the operation, but in the Athletic they believe that the azulgrana would be willing to lower his salary to return to the Metropolitan. His environment does not deny that his old club would be a destination to study seriously if Barça tells him that it is best for him to leave (which he has not told him yet) and the Cholo asks him to come back. The last summer, Simeone He has already asked about this possibility, which now has more signs of being able to become a reality. The Manchester
City he is also very attentive
to the situation of Antoine.

Benefits for all

As we say, the operation will not be easy but both clubs have been studying it for a long time. And the coaches. All parties understand that if numbers can be squared, everyone would win. Atlético would once again have a world star who shone as a rojiblanco. Simeone, for having one of his most beloved footballers at his command again. Griezmann, 30 years old and his family, for returning to Madrid in case Barça wants to sell him. And in a Barca key, Barcelona would significantly lower its salary mass, something to which it is obliged to be able to renew Messi, Y Koeman you would have a midfielder who perfectly fits the profile you want to strengthen the core. As to Saul, No one doubts his mattress feeling, but he believes that it is time to change of scene and Barcelona is one of the few clubs in which he could land, regardless of the Premier or some Italian.

It remains to be seen how the mattress fans react to a possible return of the former idol whose departure was highly criticized by the fans of the Metropolitan, who received him by nails when he visited him with the Barça. Obviously, Griezmann He should win the favor of those who were his followers, something that would begin to occur from the moment he agreed to lower his salary to be rojiblanco. You have to balance the numbers and ratings of the players (what the Barça for Griezmann and his status as a world star weigh heavily), but this barter is a real possibility. We will see how far it goes.