Tranquility in Athletic despite Unai Simón’s busy summer

Unai Simon is the only lion not yet under the mantle of Lezama. And it will take time to return because after his contest in the Eurocup await you Olympic Games. How will this chained without vacation affect? “We will see it throughout the season. You are now enjoying a 4-5 day rest period. The two issues must always be balanced. Having the opportunity to participate in a competition of that level, from the general point of view, improves the condition of any athlete “, he assured Josean lekue.

As for “the physical or mental fatigue that may result from not having a vacation of several weeks”, for now the head of the medical services of the Athletic you cannot “calibrate” it. Other factors are at stake: “It depends a lot on the emotional. If your participation in the Eurocup and in games it is positive, it probably has less impact on their performance ”. Despite everything, the doctor is calm: “It is not an issue that worries us excessively because it is also a player with characteristics of maturity and experience important for his age”.