Train with Obama, Solomon’s initiative on social networks

Confinement due to the pandemic of Coronavirus It has helped elite athletes to get closer to ordinary citizens through social networks. One of the initiatives that may surprise you the most is Solomon Obama, current player of Mérida and former canterano of Atlético de Madrid
, who has created her own profile on training instagram @trainwithobama.

“It all started in quarantine when I started uploading training videos to my social networks. People started asking me for more, they started asking me to help them and as I think it is beneficial for everyone because the sport is always good because I started with a training account only. Somehow I have to take off this ‘soccer suit, I miss it a lot,” the Equatorial Guinean explained to MD.

And it is that his account is growing every day and he already has people with great results: “The truth is that he began to receive many messages that they would like to train with me. That impressed me a lot and I noticed how motivated they are when I answer them. I love helping people, and I think that after so many years working day-to-day with physical trainers, I can give them something. ”

A service that is also helping some players who play in amateur categories stay in shape. It is a luxury for them to be able to follow their advice. “Even other soccer players who have been my teammates follow the exercises. So remember one in Torrevieja, several in Equatorial Guinea or even from Argentina. I am happy because not everyone has the option that a physical trainer can design training routines for him as it happens in First Division or in big clubs ”.

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Without a doubt, this is an interesting way for the former rojiblanco player to spend time. Helping people to get fit and get their best version. Recall that currently the striker who is only 20 years old is on loan at Mérida in Second Division B from Celta de Vigo, a club to which he currently belongs after leaving Atletico de Madrid a year ago.

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