Tragic death of a promise of Italian football

Today Italian football is in mourning after the announcement of the death of a young footballer of the SS Lazio
Daniel Guerini after a tragic traffic accident, this Wednesday night in Rome. The Serie A club has announced it with a heartfelt tweet that says: “Still incredulous and shocked by the pain, the president and the men and women of Lazio join the pain of the young Daniel Guerini’s family.”

The talented 19-year-old Primavera (subsidiary) player collided with another car in the capital and died of injuries. The other two people who were with him are, according to some information, hospitalized in critical condition. Just like the driver of the other car, a 68-year-old man. The police have launched an investigation into the causes of the accident.

In January, Guerini, who has been on loan to Torino, Fiorentina and SPAL, signed a new three-year contract with Lazio.