Tottenham will again ask Real Madrid for the loan of Bale

Gareth Bale He has seen his situation at Tottenham change in recent weeks. Mourinho’s departure has freed the Welshman and Tottenham are already considering asking Real Madrid for the loan of Bale again next season.

This is explained by the Daily Mail newspaper which ensures that Daniel levy, owner of Tottenham, will offer the new coach the option of Gareth Bale returning on loan for the next season. The newspaper says that if the coach gives his OK, the London club will get to work to keep Bale at Tottenham.

According to the Daily Mail, Tottenham believes that they could re-sign him on loan and on similar terms costing almost 14 million euros, an operation that for Levy It is profitable. Bale He must return to Real Madrid this summer after the loan for a season and it will be then when the Welshman will talk about his future at the white club with which he has a contract until June 2022.

The Mail says that Levy He would not forgive himself to see him succeed at another club in the Premier League and so he tries to anticipate. He also believes that he is a good signing for a season that they hope will be a transitional one.

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