Torres announces that he has ‘decided to play again’

Fernando Torres He revealed in his social networks the secret that was hidden behind the intriguing messages that he published last Tuesday with the hashtag #vuelvoajugar, in which he hinted at a possible return to the playing fields.

The former player of Atlético de Madrid It has achieved its objective generating great expectation. El Niño thanked all the messages of encouragement for that possible return, and has recognized that his happiness is not playing football but doing what he liked the most and had fun. “I have returned to playing with my children, because I would like them to also find the path that makes them happiest through the game, be it football or anything else,” he says on his Instagram profile.

But actually, with this ad towers has wanted to vindicate the value of the game in the growth and development of people, both children and adults, thus supporting an initiative promoted by the Juguettos company on the occasion of the International Game Day, which is celebrated this May 28.

Toys He wanted to take advantage of the celebration of this day to defend the role that play has in childhood, both in shaping the personality of children, and in the development of emotional, cognitive and social skills. “We are very proud that Fernando Torres has joined with his testimony to a cause for which we have been committed for a long time. Throughout its entire career, it has transmitted values ​​that we support as a brand, such as sportsmanship, effort or humility ”, stated Joaquín M. Polo, Juguettos CEO.