Torreira’s dream, a little further

Lucas torreira he hurries his last weeks in the
Atlético de Madrid
and we will see if in Europe. Everyone already knows that the Uruguayan wants to leave the ‘Old continent’To return to South America.

The reason is none other than the tragedy suffered recently by the player in the form of the death of his mother, a circumstance that has led him to want to be closer to his family.

“I would force myself to come to Mouth. My dad, crying, told me that it was time to play in Mouth. I told my representative as soon as my mother passed away: ‘I don’t want to go back to Europe, I want to play in Mouth‘. But it is not only because of the situation, nor the moment that I am going through, the town throws me and being with my family. I left very young. To be able to help, to be close to my family and my home … Europe it doesn’t happen ”, said the midfielder,” the player said recently.

The fact is that this dream of playing in Mouth Juniors is now a bit further. We already told you in this newspaper that Arsenal
, club to which the footballer’s rights belong, was not for the task of letting him leave without some kind of consideration. The Uruguayan midfielder has a contract with the Gunners until June 2023. The English club wants to recoup part of its investment and would have estimated a hypothetical exit at 17.2 million euros.

It is clear that a transfer is ruled out because South American clubs do not move at that level of spending. A circumstance that led to his own Torreira to suggest to Mouth to look for a new assignment with him Arsenal.

However, that possibility also seems distant. According to the newspaper ‘El Intransigente’, Mouth he would have probed the price of a loan by the English box and it would also go out of budget. In such a way, that as indicated in Argentina, the Buenos Aires team would already be looking for a replacement in the figure of the former player Seville Gary Medel.