Toquero’s candidacy denounces ‘irregularities’ and ‘signs of fraud’

The candidacy headed by Gaika Toquero for the presidency of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) denounced the “irregularities promoted since the candidacy of David Aganzo, which allegedly have altered the cleanliness of the electoral process”, and the “obvious signs of fraud”.

“From #AFEUnidos we want to show our most absolute indignation with everything that is happening in the electoral process. Gaizka Toquero and his entire team are going to put in the hands of the pertinent organizations the chain of irregularities promoted since the candidacy of David Aganzo with the complicity of the Electoral Commission, who have allegedly altered the cleanliness of the process, “he said.

In a statement #AFEunidos pointed out that his candidacy has “been able to detect numerous alleged irregularities throughout the process” and that “from the Management Commission and the candidacy of David Aganzo the members of the Electoral Table have been continually being pressured to the point of bring one of them to tears “.

“Another of the serious irregularities detected has been the casting of a significant number of votes from affiliates who did not appear in the electoral roll for vote by mail, and even voters who are not even affiliated, which could mean an attempt to introduce votes of irregular shape, “he added.

#AFEunidos assured that “it will not stop until the cleanup of the elections is clarified in the face of the obvious signs of fraud” and that “these events, and some others, are already in the hands of the candidates’ lawyers and will provoke a forceful action by immediately “.

Among their complaints, the Toquero team alluded to the “treatment that the auditor of #AFEUnidos, Jesús Barbadilla, ‘Jesule’ is receiving,” who has had to remain locked up in a room for 3 days, locked up at times, and forced to urinate in bottles “.

“It is absolutely incredible that in the year 2021 it takes a week to count 5,000 votes in a process that does not meet any guarantee of transparency and cleanliness. Nothing can surprise us about a candidate, Aganzo, who has been imputed by several crimes, including bribery of a public official, “he said.

After 7 o’clock this morning, the Electoral Board decided to suspend until 2:00 p.m. next Thursday, the 15th, the counting of votes in the elections for reasons of exhaustion and because one of its members was unwell.

The Electoral Board is made up of a president and two members, all of them AFE affiliates, chosen by lottery, and a secretary (with voice, but without vote), and its members are the ones who establish the work and rest hours.

After receiving the vote by mail, majority in these elections, and the face-to-face votes made on Friday the 9th, the Electoral Table began to validate and count the votes by mail one by one for their subsequent introduction into the ballot box, process which was interrupted at 6.30 am on Saturday April 10 and which it resumed on Sunday.

At the end of it, the vote count began last morning, which it decided to suspend early this morning. The AFE census includes 11,908 members with voting rights.