Toni Nadal takes charge of the television program ‘La España Llena’

This Wednesday the program España La España Llena ’was presented, a new Movistar + space that will try to bring viewers extraordinary stories of anonymous people who are essential for the functioning of society. The chain has opted as presenter for Toni Nadal, who will try to drive and spin the stories so that they reach the viewers first hand.

The program will start this Sunday and will be made up of four episodes, the first two directly linked to the first-person fight of health personnel against the coronavirus in current times. Therefore, Toni Nadal, Fernando Jerez (director of # 0 and entertainment content for Movistar +), José Larraza (director of content for the program’s producer, TBS) and Diego González (thoracic surgeon and protagonist of one of the episodes) They have explained this Wednesday the ins and outs of the program.

“They proposed the idea to me and the stories seemed very interesting to me. I have known stories of extraordinary people who do things to help others ”, explained Toni Nadal about the reason why he agreed to put himself in charge of this space. “It is very inspiring to have people in a country like the one featured on the show,” he added.

“We entered the new normality with ‘The Spain Full’, anonymous people in our country to be proud of because they make up a society that gives lessons of effort or talent every day,” said Fernando Jerez. “We want to say that this society is doing very well. Unfortunately we have done it for a circumstance that we would not have wanted to happen ”, he added, referring to the coronavirus situation that is being experienced.

José Larraza has explained how the program adapted its content to Covid-19. “When we started the project, no one expected Covid. We adapted to show in the first two chapters that fight on the front line against Covid. This issue has had a very high media presence and we were looking for something genuine, ”he said. For this reason, in this section, different doctors and health personnel, as well as other people who have fought on the front line against the pandemic, will share their experiences.

Coronavirus will not be the only topic discussed. People like Diego González Rivas, a thoracic surgeon who travels the world operating on patients from hundreds of countries thanks to the new technique he has introduced for the treatment of lung cancer, will also have their space. “It is very positive to see anonymous people who are committed every day to their work and helping others,” said Toni Nadal about the protagonists of his space. This will premiere next Sunday night and will air in principle for four weeks.