Toñi Moreno asks for responsibility: ‘I am afraid for my mother and my daughter’

Toñi Moreno He has expressed his concern on Instagram following the latest information about the coronavirus pandemic. For several weeks, sprouts of the virus have been increasing, and the Ministry of Health has reported 3,650 new infections and 25 deaths in Spain in the last 24 hours.

That is why the presenter of ‘Live life’Has not hesitated to use his influence in the aforementioned social network, where he accumulates more than 670 thousand followers, to, in addition to expressing his discomfort at the current situation, launch an important message in which he has asked for responsibility. “Please put on the mask. After watching the newscast your soul falls to your feet”, He asked his fans in his latest publication, in which Toñi Moreno herself appears wearing a mask.

I am afraid for my mother, for my girl, for everyone …”, The presenter has confessed, since her mother belongs to the risk group due to her age and her daughter, little Lola, is barely seven months old. “We will have party time”Adds Moreno, making it clear that this is not the time to carry out these types of plans.

Presenter Toñi Moreno gave birth to her daughter Lola on January 21. (GTRES / Cristobal Dueñas)

Toñi Moreno: “We will have party time”

For the presenter, the weeks of confinement were hard and, therefore, always try to respect the recommended sanitary measures. Moreno was quarantined at his home in Madrid with her baby and recognized, also in their social networks, feeling overwhelmed by the situation, having to be locked up with such a small girl and afraid of what was happening.

The presenter Toñi Moreno on her Mtmad channel, where she has been talking about her motherhood.
The presenter Toñi Moreno on her Mtmad channel, where she has been talking about her motherhood.

This call for Moreno’s responsibility comes just one day after Mediaset announced the dismissal of Marta López, a collaborator of ‘Save me‘ and of ‘It’s already noon‘. The decision was taken precisely “in view of the publicly irresponsible attitude that has been manifested in its private sphere by not maintaining the rigorous conduct that every citizen must comply with to overcome the health crisis caused by COVID 19 and that of course this company demands ”, the group announced in a statement on Thursday.