Toni Moog presents a ‘special anti-covid edition’ of his mythical Christmas monologue

Next Saturday, December 12, the premiere of ‘Christmas with Toni Moog’ will take place at the Teatre Borràs in Barcelona, ​​where it will be performed for only 7 weeks, until January 18.

The humorist Toni Moog He returns home for Christmas to continue kicking his ass into the Christmas spirit after 11 consecutive seasons of success in Barcelona, ​​but this year the classic on the card is presented as a “special anti-covid edition” because the security measures to contain the pandemic They will affect a good part of the content of the show, such as family reunions for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the Three Kings parade, gifts from the invisible friend or company celebrations.

What will not change at all is the objective of ‘Christmas with Toni Moog’, which is none other than to start the laughter of the public by reliving the typical scenes of these days so marked (and, often, insufferable) passed by the blender no stop button. So there will be a review of the best and worst of the year, the Christmas carols, the TV commercials, the Lottery draw, the special television programming, the nougat, the wishes for the new year, the Geek manger, the Choni tree, the drunk grandmother …

Toni Moog opens at the Teatre Borràs after 14 uninterrupted years settled in the large hall of the Capitol Club, reaping box office records and permanence with its shows, 1,250 performances and almost 500,000 spectators in total in the disappeared temple of humor in Barcelona, ​​which places it as one of the most prominent and prolific comedians on the national scene.