Toni, devastating with Raúl: ‘Claudia thinks more of me than of you’

This Wednesday Telecinco has issued a new installment of ‘Island of Temptations 3‘That has not left anyone indifferent. The reason? For the first time in the three editions of the ‘reality’ star of Mediaset, bonfires have taken place in which couples have faced each other with temptations. And as expected, there has been more than one collision, both in the case of the girls and the boys.

One of the most anticipated meetings of the night has been that of Raúl and Toni. And it is that while Raúl does not finish fitting in with any girl in Villa Playa and often collapses thinking about his girlfriend, Claudia and Toni are getting closer to each other, as we saw in the last installment of the ‘reality show ‘.

“Today there are no images for you. You are not going to see images of your girlfriends but you are going to be very close to them ”, Sandra Barneda announced to the boys before starting the bonfire. And somehow, the canary sensed what was going to happen. But what exactly did the bonfire consist of? One by one, the bride’s favorite temptresses came to the stake to answer three ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions posed by each of the boys. In this case, Carlos, Isaac, Rubén and Toni went to the bonfire. And yes, on all occasions there were clashes.

Without a doubt, Toni was especially devastating with the canary. As soon as he reached the bonfire and stood next to the presenter, the tempter released a tremendous ‘bang’. “I am happy. I swear. Very happy. What happens is that by the way of the torches I was seeing if there was a necklace to put on Raúl, ”the bachelor released, referring to the first episode of‘ The Island of Temptations ’in which no temptress put a necklace on Raúl.

Raúl to Toni: “What you tell me doesn’t matter to me”

“The necklace sweats me because I came here with my girlfriend and I’m going to go with her. What you tell me does not matter to me. It will enter me through one ear and it will leave me through the other ”, the canary replied, drawing character. However, Toni was charging again. “I am aware that you do not think of me, but she thinks more of me than of you. Have you really thought about what makes him happy in his life? ”Snapped the tempter.

The three questions from Raúl to Toni

And it was time for questions. Due to the first contact between Raúl and Toni, the canary began with a question with sarcasm: “Are you going to give Claudia something else or are you out of things?” “Yes. And they are not things or objects, I already tell you ”, Toni answered without giving further explanations. “Is that how he gave her a ring, a bracelet … I don’t know. People are not won over by gifts. I think Claudia loves me and I hope she’s thinking of me. It bothers me about the ring because it seems that he brought it to give it to anyone. Like everything very thought out, ”Raúl commented then.

The contestant then asked the tempter if Claudia missed him, to which Toni replied “no.” However, his peers urged him to ignore the bachelor’s response. Finally, Raúl wanted to know if they had kissed each other on the mouth without playing a game. “We’re working on it,” Toni would say, although everyone interpreted it as a ‘no’. Despite the tempter’s responses, Raúl preferred to give his girlfriend a vote of confidence. “I trust her (…). I have doubts, but very few ”, the canary wanted to make clear.