Tomljanovic and Ostapenko have them in the net after their matches

The australian Ajla tomljanovic and the Latvian Jelena Ostapenko They starred in the anger of the tournament by engaging in a discussion and an exchange of statements, in their match and at a press conference.

Tomljanovic berated Ostapenko for seeking medical attention when he was 4-0 down on the scoreboard and told the chair umpire: “You know he’s lying, right?”

You know he’s lying, right?

Ostapenko told Tomljanovic that if he did not believe him he could ask the physio, he told him that his behavior had been terrible and that he had not shown any respect. “You are here to talk,” replied the ‘aussie’, who won 4-6, 6-4 and 6-2.

She is the tennis player with the worst behavior on the entire circuit

Already at a press conference, hostilities continued. “She cannot say anything about my injury, because she does not know anything. It has been very disrespectful, because any tennis player can be injured. She cannot say anything unless it is my physio or the doctor. You cannot call me a liar in front of everyone . She is the tennis player with the worst behavior of the whole circuit. That you are winning does not give you the right to do what you want, “said Ostapenko.

“If I had been at 50% I would have won”

For his part, Tomljanovic, pointed out that he has already seen other players in his career who have requested medical time to stop the rhythm of the match.

It is a disgrace because she is a Grand Slam champion

“I don’t think she was injured. There was nothing wrong with her and then at 4-0 she asked for physio. Call me a liar? It is to laugh. It is a disgraceful behavior because she is a Grand Slam champion and the children see her as an example. If she was injured, she could have handled it differently, “said the Australian.

Jelena Ostapenko has a Roland Garros title on her record.