Tom Brusse’s gesture with Melyssa in ‘Survivors’ that activates the alarms

In the same way that they started their relationship in Mediaset, Melyssa pinto Y Tom Brusse they saw that their courtship was fading on the other side of the pond when they decided to participate in “The Island of Temptations.” The couple could not overcome their differences in the Telecinco reality show and decided to break up.

Now, a few months later, Tom Y Melyssa They have met again in a new reality show on the network: ‘Survivors‘. In Honduras, those who were dating participate as full-fledged contestants. This past week, his classmates decided that it was the audience who would decree their future in the contest.

For the second week in a row, Tom Brusse faced the public vote, while Melyssa it was seen in the arena for the first time. This fact completely destabilized the young woman who has lived her worst days in the contest.

Tom Brusse and Melyssa, in ‘Survivors’

However, the Catalan became the first save of the night, leaving the final decision between Tom and Antonio Canales placeholder image, which ended up becoming the second expelled from the edition.

Leaving this aside, something that surprised all the viewers of the reality show was the affectionate gesture that the Moroccan had with his girlfriend just a year ago. After Jorge Javier Vázquez pronounced his name, Tom Brusse He hugged Melyssa tightly and planted a loving kiss on her temple.

Tom Brusse and Melyssa, in 'Survivors'

Tom Brusse and Melyssa, in ‘Survivors’