Tom Brusse receives the harsh call from Sandra Pica in ‘Survivors’: ‘I met someone’

Sandra Pica visited Honduras last May to end their relationship with Tom Brusse. However, the young woman was not clear with the contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’, who until today believed that I still had a girlfriend. However, it seems that the French have already understood that he is single after receiving a hard call of his current ex-girlfriend.

The Frenchman got a call from Pica last week during ‘The table of temptations’ and it was not until this Wednesday in ‘No man’s land‘That has been produced live. The Catalan claimed to be “a little nervous”, while Brusse did not hide his emotion when listening to her: “What a thrill. So long, since May. How are you? Because I’ve been worried about you for a few weeks. I want to know how you are first”.

Now I am in Barcelona with my family, I have returned. I’m a bit calmer but after what your colleagues have told me, I’ve had a pretty bad time. The last time I was with you I was not clear when I said goodbye”, The Catalan began then, who confessed to the survivor that although he had doubts, when he returned to Madrid he saw everything clearer.

Tom Brusse receives the call from Sandra Pica and she leaves him live.

Sandra Pica: “A friendship is better than trying something”

I’ve been making my life I have no partner or anything. But there are things that I have to tell you. I tell you because you have to find out and when you come to Madrid I will be at home (…). Sentimentally I’m not the way I was before, I think a friendship is better than trying something”, Pica continued.

Some words that did not sit well with Brusse. “I don’t care about your friendship, I am here in Honduras. We have talked about it (…). You came and told me ‘Tom, calm down, there we’re going to talk, I’ll wait for you.’. And now you tell me after a month and a half that you are doing your life again ”, the Frenchman snapped, indignant and incredulous.

And from the surprise and the first tears to the reproaches. “Don’t cry, you are a strong person, Tom, and you are having a hard time here. But as I have spent the last months of relationship”, Commented Pica. But the contestant also had something to throw at him: “You lied to me then when you told me you felt the spark again. Look now what am I going to do again”.

Tom Brusse receives the call from Sandra Pica and she leaves him live.

Tom Brusse receives the call from Sandra Pica and she leaves him live.

At Brusse’s insistence, the young woman finally revealed an important detail of her new life without him. “I’m going to tell you. I will be clear to you (…). When I went to Honduras I had respected you, but when I returned it was not the same. I met someone. I have no partner, I have returned to my mother’s house”, Confessed the one of‘The Island of Temptations‘, Who finally did not reveal to the French the identity of that other boy, who is Julen.

The survivor has been terribly upset and has been going through all kinds of emotions, even despair. “I love you Sandra! I love you!”, He assured, very affected. But it seems that, now yes, he has understood that his with Barcelona It’s over. And to start getting over it, will have his sister, who has traveled to Honduras to meet him again.