Tom Brusse, half naked for a week in ‘Survivors’ for this reason

This Thursday during the new gala of ‘Survivors 2021‘, Tom Brusse He has ended up starring in one of the moments of the edition. It happened during the ‘table of temptations‘, The test organized by the program team in which each contestant had in their hands the possibility of enjoy a great privilege or reward but instead, had to pay a “penance”.

In the case of the French, what the organization asked of him was very simple: spend a week in loincloth (as you already did Albert ravine in the last edition) in exchange for a call to Sandra Pica. The contestant has tried several times to haggle with Lara Alvarez Y Jorge Javier Vazquez, although he has not gotten rid of having to go half naked by Cayo Paloma for a few days. Of course, it has also achieved a sandwich, in addition to the possibility of speaking with the Catalan.

Tom Brusse in ‘Survivors’.

Finally, Brusse has changed and has put on the light garment that the program has given him. But there is still more. And is that has dared to do a live streaptease to show it, but it ended up moving so much that in the end you have seen practically everything.

Tom Brusse will go to Cayo Paloma for a week half-naked.

Tom Brusse will go to Cayo Paloma for a week half-naked.

Tom Brusse strips naked for Sandra Pica … but she has already turned the page

At the moment, Tom still could not enjoy the call with Sandra Pica. You will have to wait for next Wednesday in ‘No man’s land’, and it is still a mystery what will happen then. The Catalan’s visit to Honduras a few weeks ago left the Frenchman very confused, and although she has already turned the page and has even been with other boys, the survivor continues to think that they are together and still have a chance.