Today the imposing asteroid Apophis, ‘God of Chaos’, will pass ‘close’ to Earth

The asteroid 99942 Apophis, known as ‘God of chaos’, was photographed by the Virtual Telescope Project, from Italy, showing his trajectory.

This giant is in the catalog of the potentially dangerous asteroids according to NASA, and has now been photographed eight years later. It is expected that today, March 6, the ‘God of chaos’ will be located less than 15 million kilometers from Earth, with a almost zero probability of collision.

This time the Virtual Telescope 2.0 has obtained a new capture. “Here you have the asteroid Apophis”, they advertised on social media.

The rocky giant was discovered in 2004 by the Elena Telescope (PlaneWave 17 + Paramount ME + SBIG STL-6303E) and began to gain popularity when it was indicated that there was a very small probability of collision with the Earth in 2029. However, subsequent investigations reduced this probability to a minimum until it is almost ruled out.

As reported by NASA in its forecasts, the flyby of the asteroid in 2068 was still of interest and, using observations from 2015, there were 1 in 150,000 collision chances.